Copenhagen Office

This week I received the keys to the Copenhagen office located in ITU (IT University of Copenhagen) on the 5th floor which is called 5te (which basically means “5th floor”). The office is rather small but it is in a very nice building with nice facilities (meeting rooms, cafeteria, ping pong table, foosball, ….) and lots of other companies, mainly startups. All we need now is some furniture and some people.

I took a few pictures to give an impression of the office but as it was after noon, it had started to get dark (kidding), so the pictures aren’t that good (not kidding). There is an official page that include a few computerized animations and some pictures from both the inside and outside of the building.


  1. Jj · November 12, 2007 Reply

    Fornemt. Sig til hvis du har brug for et ratingsystem til bordfodbold. Den kan også bruges til bordtennis, idet det er generisk. Det bygger på en generisk algoritme udviklet af J. Hansen.

  2. Edmund Humenberger · November 25, 2007 Reply

    We sell about 1000 mobile Handscanners per year for logistic solutions.
    Those Scanners (Motorola MC9090, MC3090,…) mainly use WinCE and WindowsMobile.

    We are biten very often with different versions of IE on this devices and really want to use Gecko in our own Viewer application which takes care about the Scanner, the Keyboard, the WLAN, the GPRS and the battery.

    We are willing to invest our own developer resources in bringing a good Plattform to this devices as we think our time is better invested in a good platform then writing bugworkarounds for IE on this mobile devices.



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