Copenhagen Office

This week I received the keys to the Copenhagen office located in ITU (IT University of Copenhagen) on the 5th floor which is called 5te (which basically means “5th floor”). The office is rather small but it is in a very nice building with nice facilities (meeting rooms, cafeteria, ping pong table, foosball, ….) and lots of other companies, mainly startups. All we need now is some furniture and some people. I took a few pictures to give an impression of the office but as it was after noon, it had started to get dark (kidding), so the pictures aren’t…


My name is Christian Sejersen and as you might have guessed from the title “Hej” I am from Denmark. I started working at Mozilla in October where I am heading up the engineering efforts for mobile (I’ll blog more on that later, so stay tuned!) including setting up an R&D office in Copenhagen with primary focus on bringing Mozilla technology to mobile devices. To find out more about my background you can check my LinkedIn profile.